Immigrant Crime and Justice, P.C. represents two classes of clients: foreign nationals who have pending criminal charges or outstanding warrants for their arrest issued by the criminal courts, and foreign nationals who have already either entered pleas, taken their case to trial, or have unresolved police reports or citations that never resulted in a criminal complaint.

Karl Krooth is president of Immigrant Crime and Justice as well as one of the attorneys.

Karl has honed his skills by gaining practical experience: first in criminal prosecution, and later as a defense attorney representing foreign nationals in criminal and immigration matters. Karl may be able to help convicted foreign nationals who seek representation in post-conviction relief in the criminal courts; at Deferred Inspections, Customs and Border Protection Bureau; before the Executive Office of Immigration Review, or in interviews for adjustment of status and naturalization before the legacy INS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). Karl considers the client's goals, immigration status, family, future plans to remain in the US, and the facts underlying the criminal matter as he seeks to achieve the best disposition.