Dec 2020 Article on Definition of Conviction from AILA Crimes Conference Handbook

December 2020 Article on Motions to Terminate before the IJ as appearing in AILA Crimes Conference Handbook

Presentation at 2019 AILA California Conference associated with 2019 Post-Conviction Relief Article (November 2019)

Post-Conviction Relief article by Jorjani, Krooth and Montag furthering presentation at 2019 California Chapters Conference of American Immigration Lawyers Association

Immaterial Misrepresentation as a Ground for Naturalization Denial and Denaturalization, 2017

Disposicion de la corte suprema beneficia a inmigrantes que distribuyeron mariguana en pocas cantidades y sin recibir dinero, 2016

H. Estrada and Congressional Intent, 2016

Defensa basada en marihuana para uso recreativo, 2016

Recreational Marijuana Defenses, 2015

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Immigration Concerns in Criminal Court, 2013

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The Categorical and Modified Categorical Approach, 2012

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Evaluating Possible Post-Conviction Relief When Sentence Reduction Is Not A Solution, 2010

Post-Conviction Relief from Criminal Sentences, 2010

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Cleansing Fraud and Deceit Convictions to Avoid the Aggravated Felony of Attempt (publication of the Bender’s Immigration Bulletin, March 1, 2006)

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